The best way to ask for a home-seeking animal is by email. We will answer on weekdays mon to fri, from 9am to 6pm. At other times you may send a text message. If you encounter an animal in distress, call the animal welfare officer.                  You can also submit an animal welfare notice to her,  if you see any violation of the animal welfare act in animal husbandry. Please let me know if you know where there`s a cat population. Population is spoken of when there are many cats uncontrollably breeding in one place. Population cats are related to each other, and the mothers make more kittens with their own kittens. The result is inbred cats, which have many different diseases due to their reduced resistance. The animal welfare declaration will always be made anonymous and all reports will lead to an inspection visit by the area veterinarian. The animal welfare officer will also provide advice and guidance on animal welfare issues and home search matters for the animal.

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Leppävirta community vet: (booking klo 8-9)

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Tel. (017) 5541 688,    0400 372 517,                                                                                                                       0400 476 820,   044 797 5510


Phonenumber in animal wellfare- or animal deseaces 044 - 790 6054 (mon-thu 8.00-16.00).    Email:,

Found/lost animals:

Joroinen, Leppävirta, Varkaus:                                                                                                                         Lemmikkikeskus Viiksi
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