Leppävirta Animal Protection Association is a new registered association established in 2017. The purpose of the association is to promote animal welfare, to defend animal rights and to share information on animal welfare. By joining the association, you help the homeless animals in distress, and by donating to help the animal in need. 

                             24.08.2017 EXISTING RULES

1. The name and registered office of the association The name of the association is Leppävirta Animal Welfare Association and its domicile is Leppävirta. The business area covers municipalities and cities in Southern and Northern Savo. 

2. Purpose and quality of operation The purpose of the association is to promote animal welfare, to defend animal rights and to share information on the good treatment and care of animals. To accomplish its purpose, the association organizes meetings, discussion information, course and hobby events, and engages in information and publishing activities. In addition, the association can act as an animal sanctuary. To support its activities, the association may charge membership fees to its members, receive donations and grants, conduct fundraising, and organize sales and lotteries. The association may sell animals and pet supplies, and maintain a full-fledged animal care facility so that it does not become the main activity of the association. The association may also own real estate. The association can hire an employee. 

3. Subscription and membership fees An individual, a community and a foundation can be a member of an association. The members of the association are annual and permanent members and youth members. You can apply for membership by applying for membership by email. A regular member is a member who has paid 15 membership fees at a time. The amount of the membership fee and the annual membership fee to be charged to other members shall be decided by the Annual Meeting. On the proposal of the Board of Directors, the Annual Meeting of the Association may invite an animal welfare distinguished person. The member has the right to resign by notifying the board or its chairman in writing. The association has the right to dismiss a member if he / she has failed to pay the membership fee for two (2) years if he / she has caused significant damage to the association by his / her activities, if he / she no longer fulfills the membership conditions 

4. The Board of Directors The Association is managed by the Board of Directors, which consists of the Chairman and 4 other members and 4 deputy members elected at the Annual Meeting. The term of office of the Board is the time between annual meetings. 

5. Writing the name of the association The name of the association is written by the chairman, vice chairman or secretary of the board, individually.

6. Financial year The financial year of the Association shall be the calendar year. 

7. Meetings of the Association The Association's annual meeting is held on January-May, on a date to be determined by the Board. The Annual General Meeting decides on the approval of the financial statements and discharge the Board of Directors and other persons responsible, elects the chairman and other members of the Board of Directors and one or two auditors and deputy auditors or one or two auditors and deputy auditors. 

8. Convening meetings of the Association The Board shall convene the meetings of the Association at least seven days prior to the meeting by mail to members or by email. 

9. Use of funds upon dissolution of the Association In the event of dissolution of the Association, the funds of the Association shall be used to promote the purpose of the Association in the manner determined by the meeting that decides on dissolution. When an association is dissolved, its assets shall be used for the same purpose.