NALA *found a home*

Nala is a 1 year old Mixed Breed female. The breeds are Finnish hounddog and Gray Norwegian Deerhound. Nala is a kind, lively, cheerful and social dog, she has no abuse in the background, but has become a home changer for us. 

She weighs about 20kg. Nala gets along with all dogs and humans. In a new home, it would be good to have a little older children so that Nala doesn't accidentally drop small people. It has lived in a family with no children or cats. Nala is wished to have a home where she would have her own fenced yard and another dog as a play buddy to release energy. No apartment building. 

There is no knowledge of hunting skills, but you may go after a hare, that is, there is a predator in her. For active sports and outdoor activities, Nala is a great friend. Going to the dog park with Nala is totally ok. Nala is delivered sterilized (sterilized in December 2019), vaccinated and chipped. The chip will be registered with in the name of the new owner. Contact us at or call 0451175789 between 10am and 8pm. 

2.1.2020 In the dog park