LOLA *found a home*

Lola is a rottweiler-dobermann-pitbull-dogo Argentino mix born on August 10, 1919, a bitch. Lola has come to the association to search for a home on a voluntary basis. Lola is used to children and cats as well, she has a stuffy character and hopes to have a big breeding experience in her new home. However, Lola is very kind and loving. Lola is already trying to challenge a 1 year old female dog of the same size, so if your new home has a dog dog, it would be good to be a male. She doesn`t want to share her recources. Lola has been playing with Nala for a long time and the dogs are good friends. There is still a little to learn about inner cleanliness, but even if I am a little, the pee doesn't always come where It should. Lola is vaccinated and chipped. Contact us by email for home offer. Lvesy.ry (at)