When considering providing a home for the Association's Homeless Dog, please be aware that dogs have very different backgrounds and may suffer from stress. They may have diseases caused by malnutrition or inappropriate conditions. 
If you decide to provide a home for a dog that may have been taken over by the authority, you need to realize that treating such a dog requires perseverance, good nerves and patience, and dog reading skills. 
The advice given by the association should always be followed. 
A dog who is recovering from a challenging life or otherwise needs to be given enough time to recover, both physically and mentally. A week or two is not a long time to allow the dog to adjust to a new life. 
We hope that you have thought about having a dog hard and careful and that you are ready to commit to a new companion for years to come. Dog fees range from € 350 to € 750 depending on the status of the dog and the need for ones treatment. The starting point for dog pricing is always individual, and the association strives to cover at least the dog's costs while in association. The person providing the home must not have any animal welfare background.