The association has cats looking for a home. For specific reasons, those homeless may not be listed on the home page, so it is always a good idea to check the current situation by email. We cannot provide information on these cats by telephone. Above all, we accept animals taken over by authorities from all over Finland. 
We work with operators and authorities in many regions. If you, or someone close to you is in a situation, where you cannot take care of your pet for any reason, you can contact us. Together we can think about the best solution for your pet. The association has facilities, where we can place your pet and look for a new home if needed. Volunteered animals are treated like any other animal, that is, their health matters are thoroughly updated before leaving for a new home. For volunteered cats, we charge the owner a care fee of € 40. 
All cats are taken for veterinary examination and their vaccinations and ID chips are up to date before moving to a new home. Males over 4 months of age are castrated and females over 6 months of age are sterilized. The new home is carefully selected. The association does not release cats for free outdoor activities. We want to make sure that hard life experienced animals get into a stress-free habitat for the rest of their lives and that they no longer need to experience the same traumas again.

When considering providing a home for an association's homeless cat, please note that cats have very different backgrounds and are not all ready-made cats. If you decide to provide a home for a cat that may have come from the population, or otherwise had only a little human contact, you need to understand that it requires perseverance, good nerves, and patience. A cat who has lived outdoors without the regular care of a human, may not sit with you right on the same couch in the armpit begging for scratches or playing with laser light. A sensitive cat needs plenty of time to recover, a week or two is not a long time to allow the cat to adjust to a new life. The advice given by the association must always be followed after the transfer. 
                                                            ALL ADULT CATS ... 

* Delivered sterilized or neutered. 
* All cats are vaccinated, parasitized several times with appropriate parasitic control for each cat. 
* All cats are identified by a microchip and the chip is registered under the name of the new owner to the Finnish        Cat  Association. 
* All cats are subject to a written assignment agreement. 
* There is a € 150 transfer fee for country cats, both adults and kittens. 
* Kittens at least 14 weeks old when delivered
* Kittens are always happy to be handed over to the same family, as they are easily stressed out in a new place. At     least the  new home must have a cat friend for the kitten. 
* Please note that we do not release cats for free outdoor activities. Offer home only as an indoor cat. 
* If you want to provide a permanent and responsible home for our cats, please contact lvesy.ry (at) gmail.com. 

Pictures and more information about our homeless cats in our finnish page. Ask more via email!